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12Dec, 2014

Pearland General Dentistry

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Pearland General Dentistry; Procedures Carried Out By a General Dentist Did you know that about 51% of people aged over 20 have gingivitis? And worse still, they aren’t aware of it. In reality, each person has some form of gingivitis and has no clue of the effect it can have in their life. Many people are used to gingivitis and consider it not a serious problem. However, gingivitis is a major cause for gum disease. Research associated gum disease with other different conditions, such as diabetes and strokes. The main […]

8Dec, 2014

Kids Oral Health

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Holidays are just a few blocks away! This is that time of the year again when we’re all busy making plans for the holidays, while the kids are at their happiest. Since the spirit of Christmas and the New Year can never be celebrated without good food, what better time than now to teach your kids about the positives of good oral health? The Andre Johnson Foundation, founded by the football star, Andre Johnson recently organized a fun and interactive event for kids to brush up the basics of oral hygiene. […]

28Nov, 2014

Pearland Cosmetic Dentistry

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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? Pearland Cosmetic Dentistry Pearland cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of dental treatments intended to improve the appearance of the teeth. Pearland cosmetic dentistry has become a vital part of the dental profession and is used to correct minor changes as well as major repairs. If you need or want this type of dentistry there are many techniques and options that are available. These cosmetic improvements are not only used to improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry also provide several dental procedures to correct and treat oral problems. Some […]

14Nov, 2014

Emergency Root Canal Treatment by Pearland Dentist

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What You Need To Know About a Root Canal? Emergency Root Canal Treatment by Pearland Dentist If you have an abscess or infection that has reached your jaw bone and is causing severe pain (note: not all abscesses cause extreme pain, but they still need prompt attention.) you are in need of emergency root canal treatment before a root canal can take place. Once the abscess has been treated it is time to perform the root canal. The dental procedure for a root canal is a to remove dead or […]

28Oct, 2014

Extracting your Wisdom Teeth Pearland Oral Surgery

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Stop the Pain by Extracting your Wisdom Teeth Pearland Oral Surgery With an Oral Surgeon in Pearland, we can stop the pain your wisdom teeth may be causing you. Many people have no problems at all, some people will use prescribed antibiotics to give them temporary relief from the of pain. However others end up with impacted wisdom teeth that’s when Oral Surgeon in Pearland can stop the pain by extracting the wisdom teeth or tooth which is causing the pain. Impact wisdom teeth mean they do not have enough room […]

14Oct, 2014

Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland Dentist

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Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland Dentist Pearland Dentist Warns Juice Diets are more Acidic than Vinegar If you’re a fitness diet junkie, chances are that juices will feature pretty high on your must-have list. However, reputed dentists reveal that high consumption of juices or smoothies on a regular basis will ensure that you pay visits to your nearest Pearland dentist too many times in a row. Really? Juice can be bad for you. Today, when energy drinks, protein shakes, health-burst smoothies and fad detox […]

22Aug, 2014

Beware of Small Dental Health Problems

By: | Tags: , , At our Pearland dental office, our specialists are very used to hearing a certain phrase: “It doesn’t hurt.”We know a lot of people, in both our professional and personal lives, who live with dental issues simply because there’s no pain involved. We believe this needs to end, and that’s why we want to let you know that just because it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean it isn’t doing damage. Whether you have a broken tooth or bleeding gums, not everyone experiences dental issues the same way. Some people go through […]

15Aug, 2014

5 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day

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The online community disseminates information more quickly than we could ever imagine. Oftentimes, it’s too quickly for real experts to get a word in on the advice that people are giving out. At our dental office, we believe very strongly in the power of patient education. Since we only see you every once in a while, we want to be able to give you advice from people that we trust. Your mouth is not isolated from the rest of your body. This means that you need to take care of […]