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Dietary Advice from Your Pearland Dental Hygienist

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Does your diet affect your teeth and oral health? It almost goes without saying that it does since everything you eat and drink and consume has to go through your mouth. The healthier your diet, the healthier your mouth can be. Of course, your diet directly affects your overall health, so obviously your oral health is affected.

With today’s choices of food and beverages, obesity, diabetes and other systemic diseases have become prevalent. There seems to be fast-food restaurants on every corner and the sugar amounts in sodas are rather alarming. Processed foods cover the shelves of the supermarkets. It has become very difficult to ensure you and your family have the right diet plans going forward.

Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists’ dental assistant and dental hygienist, Sharon Libich, says that everything we consume – food, beverage, and even vitamins – can really help or hinder our oral health.

“Multi-vitamins are helpful and water soluble vitamins, meaning you can’t overdose on them,” she says. “B-complex with Vitamin C are very good for gum support.”

She added that since systemic issues could be a problem, vitamin intake should be discussed with your physician. This will ensure you are taking the vitamins that can really help your overall health.

The results of taking care or not taking care of your systemic disease, or simply your overall health, can be seen through your mouth. The dentists at Shadow Creek Ranch will be able to tell if your oral health and overall health is suffering simply by looking in your mouth. Your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth can reveal more than you ever thought it could.

Watch out for acidic fruits. Oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranates, and pineapple can all have a negative effect on your teeth’s enamel.

There are some foods, like carrots and apples that are known as the mouth’s dental detergents. These foods are very good to eat to keep your saliva flowing and your teeth and gums healthy.

Did you know that sugar in milk does not contribute to tooth decay? Pretty interesting. A glass of milk or a good slice of cheese is a healthy substitute for candy or soda.

According to research by Colgate, the best options when it comes to snacking are cheese, chicken, and nuts because these foods help with enamel. Firm fruits are also good for you, although not as good for your teeth as the aforementioned because of their natural sugars.

Going sugar-free is a wise choice. That means drinks, mints and gum. Sugar-free is a blessing to your teeth, and not in disguise. It creates saliva that fights acid in the mouth, helps remove food stuck in your teeth, and can help reduce the risk of cavities.

So keep an eye out for what you and your family eat, drink or even just chew. Give yourself the best opportunity to have a clean and healthy mouth.

Also, keep brushing and flossing. Those teeth won’t clean themselves.

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