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Pearland Dentist on How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

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Do you understand how important oral health is to the rest of your body? Many people don’t. Oral health is imperative to overall health. Your mouth doesn’t just speak audibly, but it speaks without saying a word. Your mouth speaks directly to your brain, your heart, your liver, your kidneys, and your entire body. The question everyone should always ask, including you, is what is my mouth saying to all of these parts of my body?

What Does Your Mouth Say to the Rest of Your Body?

At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, one of our main objectives is to always educate our patients on the importance of taking care of their teeth and achieve impeccable oral health. Your oral hygiene actually has a direct impact on the increase of your risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. It isn’t a scare tactic. They are simply the facts. These are simply warnings that, if heeded, will increase your chances of not having these diseases.

What Does It Require to Keep Up Good Oral Health?

Dr. Corbet Ellison, pediatric dentist and founder of Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, wonders why people always seem to be able to schedule several hours a day or numerous weekly hours for the gym or even set aside time to not miss their favorite TV show, but not enough people take the time to brush twice daily for at least three minutes, or even take just two minutes to floss to remove hard to reach plaque and food that can become stuck in between teeth. It is merely a few minutes each day that can actually extend your life and, more importantly, to extend the quality of your life.

“We have to start correlating and putting that in our schedule and putting that as a priority and not just as one of those things we don’t have to do because we don’t have that instant reaction when we don’t do it,” Dr. Ellison said.

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About Corbet Ellison

Younger smiles often require special attention, and Dr. Corbet Ellison, our Pediatric Dentist, is ready to address their needs with specialized pediatric care. Unlike a general family dentist, a pediatric dentist has received three years of formal training beyond dental school to address the needs of juvenile patients. The American Dental Association recommends a baby should first be brought to the pediatric dentist when the first primary (or “baby”) tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. Your child will undergo treatment that incorporates the latest techniques and advances in the field, to ensure the strongest possible care from the earliest age on.

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