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Pearland Dentist on Setting a Daily Dental Routine for Healthy Teeth

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To ensure your teeth remain healthy, it is imperative you create a daily dental routine for upkeep on your teeth. This routine should include brushing your teeth twice per day – usually once in the morning and then again before going to bed. You should also rinse with mouthwash to catch any other germs and bacteria you may have missed when brushing. Speaking of missing things when brushing, the toothbrush can only reach so far, which is why flossing your teeth is a must to not only protect your teeth, but also your gums.

Sharon Libich, our dental hygienist at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, says that our daily routine of eating and drinking greatly works against our oral health. We have to work against these possible hazards by taking of our teeth through consistent cleaning. She has several items you should use when you are preparing for your daily routine. Here are some of her recommendations:

Toothbrush – Sharon recommends you use an electric toothbrush. Its spinning head runs at a rate much faster than our hands will go. It also turns a circular motion, which ensures your teeth are being brushed correctly. Most times people forget to brush in that motion, and instead they brush side to side. Each brushing session should be done in no less than two minute intervals. Brushing your teeth helps remove plaque and food buildup, which can create cavities and gum disease. Not brushing at all can lead to some of the leading killers, like stroke, heart disease, and even cancer.

Mouthwash – Many people think brushing is enough when it comes to oral care. Not the case. Using mouthwash is a big step in keeping your oral health in tiptop shape. Sharon recommends ACT or Listerine. She says that many people complain about how strong mouthwash and that it burns. Listerine now has Listerine ZERO, which makes it much more tolerable. Using mouthwash, and rinsing for 30 seconds during each session, fights various bacteria and germs that could lead to more harm.

Flossing – This is a common practice that perhaps you haven’t been engaging in. Flossing daily removes food that could become stuck in between teeth. Often, you can feel food in between teeth, but it gets harder to notice food particles once you start feeling the molars. Food, if left in one place for too long, can rot in between the teeth, creating cavities and bacteria. Using floss will not only strengthen your teeth, but will also strengthen your gums.

Sharon focuses on one particular word when speaking with patients: consistency. In all of these practices, you must remain consistent. Even all three of these combined do not take much time out of your day. So the only result you will receive from these oral health instructions is positive.

Another item you need to place in your oral health routine is visiting the dentist for dental cleanings, preferably every six months. For that, you’ll want to schedule your appointment with our Pearland dental office at 281-741-5247 or with our online form on our contact page.

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