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What Is Needed for Easy Oral Surgery at Pearland Dentist Office

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Oral surgery is never an easy topic to discuss simply because of the buzz word “surgery.” Oral surgery, however, shouldn’t be too much of a cause for alarm because more often than not, the surgery consists of root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and dental implants.

At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, located in Pearland, we specialize in every type of oral surgery procedure to ensure our patients receive the proper care for their teeth. We understand the importance of dental health and how it affects the entire body. We also understand how important it is to conduct oral surgery, regardless of the procedure, in a timely manner.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have Oral Surgery

When you have an injury to your teeth, have a misplaced tooth, have severe cavities, or have highly problematic wisdom teeth, waiting around can often only compound the problem with other problems, or make the problem worse due to pain or further decay.

In regard to a missing tooth, Dr. Laerrol Johnson, oral surgeon for Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, said the ideal situation for this type of patient would be that they would have good bone where the space is. In order to have good, useable bone, patients need to not wait too long because the longer they wait, the bone density begins to decrease. If a patient waits way too long, then bone grafting is often utilized.

The way Dr. Johnson ensures there is good bone where the missing tooth is located is by taking two-dimensional or three-dimensional images (dental X-rays) of the specific location.

”If there is enough bone, then we would just surgically place the implant – which is just a surgical post, like a screw – inside the bone,” he says. “It would heal and would virtually become part of the person.”

The next step would come about three to four months later, where the patient would schedule their dental appointment where the implant would be uncovered and a healing cap would be placed on top. The healing cap allows for the crown of the tooth to be in the most aesthetic area of the mouth.

The Final Step for Dental Implant Oral Surgery

The last dental procedure we would perform would be to have impressions taken of the tooth as it is and then a crown would be fabricated and then either screwed in or cemented.

Are you in need of dental surgery or a dental implant? Dr. Johnson is ready to take care of any of your oral surgery needs. Contact at our office today at 281-741-5247 or fill out the online form. We look forward to seeing you and taking care of any of your dental needs.

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