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Pearland Dentist: “The Importance of Being a Dental Role Model”

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Many parents do not understand the effect their lack of attention to their own teeth has on the attention their kids pay to their teeth. It can become a trickle down effect for poor oral health if parents do not realize how they are a dental role model for their children’s dental health.

There are various simple steps that take very little time out of the day to improve your oral health and the oral health of your children. Ensuring you and everyone in your house abides by certain dental principles is vital not just for oral health, but for overall health.

How to Be a Better Dental Role Model

“You have to show them exactly the way to take care of their teeth,” said Dr. Corbet Ellison, pediatric dentist at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland. “If you have a messed up mouth or have cavities and bacteria that you’re not taking care of, then you’re more likely to give that [mentality and habit] to your children.”

Make brushing and flossing teeth a family affair. Children typically have certain bedtimes, so before they go to bed, it may behoove you to brush your teeth and floss them with your children. This will ensure that they are brushing correctly and thoroughly, and it will make them feel like it is less of a chore and more of an event.

Another method to making brushing teeth for your children more enjoyable is to buy children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste. Toy Story, Star Wars, Marvel, My Little Pony. There are countless movie and TV characters that make brushing appear to be the coolest thing for kids.

The Greatest Impact on Children’s Dental Health

The greatest impact you can make on your children’s oral health is being an example of good oral health. Brushing twice daily, flossing, rinsing, and visiting the dentist consistently shows that you consider taking care of your teeth a priority. Chances are they will too.

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About Corbet Ellison

Younger smiles often require special attention, and Dr. Corbet Ellison, our Pediatric Dentist, is ready to address their needs with specialized pediatric care. Unlike a general family dentist, a pediatric dentist has received three years of formal training beyond dental school to address the needs of juvenile patients. The American Dental Association recommends a baby should first be brought to the pediatric dentist when the first primary (or “baby”) tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. Your child will undergo treatment that incorporates the latest techniques and advances in the field, to ensure the strongest possible care from the earliest age on.

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