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Dentures from Your Pearland Dentist That Will Benefit Your Life

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Dentures have become a life-saver for many people, and that fact is true for our Pearland dental patients. Many people have missing teeth. In fact, there are millions of people in the US without any teeth.

One of the main sources of that issue stems from many people not going to the dentist. For this reason, many people have to have dentures, which are replacement teeth. At our Pearland dental office, we provide the best options for dentures because of the artistic abilities of our prosthodontists.

Creating Dentures at Our Pearland Dental Office

At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, we have an in-house prosthodontist, who creates dentures for all of our dental patients who are in need of replacing their teeth. First we create 3D images of exactly how the dentures should be created in order to provide dental patients with the perfect fit.

Our prosthodontist then creates the dentures according to the 3D images. The dental patient tries them during the adjustment phase. If adjustments are necessary, our prosthetic dentistry department will adjust the dentures as needed.

“I come in and I see the patients before they have the extractions and we plan the case out so that before we start the implants, we already have a plan,” our Pearland prosthodontist says. “We know the end of our road.”

Once the dentures are perfected, our patients are able to go home with their new set of teeth and enjoy their life as well as their food in a way they haven’t in quite some time.

“I tell patients that I make your dentures that will benefit the way you look – make you look better, kiss better, eat better,” our prosthodontist says.

Do you need dentures, dental implants, or full mouth reconstruction? If so, you should contact our Pearland dental office and schedule your appointment. You can reach us at 281-741-5247 or fill out our online form.

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