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One Day Dental Implants at Our Pearland Dental Office

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Did you know that approximately 30 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? There are way more than that who missing at least one tooth. With this in mind, dental implants and other oral surgery operations have become an incredibly common and necessary dental procedure.

These numbers are quite alarming, but due to injuries, age, and/or the lack of good dental hygiene, it is understandable why a dental implant procedure is so common.

Pearland Oral Surgery and One Day Dental Implants

Dr. Laerrol Johnson, the oral surgeon at our Pearland dental office, Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, performs a dental implant procedure very often. Our Pearland dental patients are the best, but it doesn’t always mean they’re teeth are in optimum shape or that they are free of injuries and accidents. Our Pearland dentists, however, are always ready to help every patient receive the treatment they need.

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is incredibly durable. It is also a material does not create a counter-reaction within the body. The human body actually will accept it as part of itself.

At our Pearland dental office, these dental implants can be implanted and restored on the same day. Our dentists only use the latest dental technology to perform every type of oral procedure – even general dentistry operations. With Dr. Johnson’s extensive experience and knowledge of oral surgery, producing one day dental implants isn’t such a tall task.

“Research shows that when [the dental implant] is torqued in and tightened to the right level then you can restore the implant on the same day,” he says.

Insurance for Dental Implants

Receiving a dental implant, especially multiple dental implants, is not a cheap procedure. It can become rather costly, which is why our Pearland dental office accepts most dental insurance plans. Ensuring that our patients are able to use their insurance for their dental needs takes are large part of the financial away from them. This cost is just one of the many reasons why dental implants are pre-planned and thoroughly thought out before implementing.

“Because patients pay such a significant amount of money for implants, we like to be cautious about this for the first three to four months while the implant is healing,” Dr. Johnson says. “We like to take that tooth out of occlusion, which means the patient isn’t actually functioning with that tooth. It is there for aesthetics, but it is not there for function.”

Schedule your dental appointment at our Pearland dentist office, especially if you are in need of one day dental implants. Call our office at 281-741-5247 or fill out our online form.

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