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23Mar, 2016

Pearland Dental Hygienist Suggests to Always Rinse for Better Oral Health

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Americans eat a lot of food. In fact, on average, Americans eat about a ton of food each year. That is an incredible amount of consumption, but how often are Americans rinsing after each meal or snack? Our guess is not often enough. Rinsing, even with just water, is a major part of keeping your teeth white, healthy, and clear of food and sugar particles. According to Sharon Libich, our dental hygienist at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, everyone should rinse their mouth with water after eating anything. […]

24Nov, 2015

Pearland Dentist on Setting a Daily Dental Routine for Healthy Teeth

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To ensure your teeth remain healthy, it is imperative you create a daily dental routine for upkeep on your teeth. This routine should include brushing your teeth twice per day – usually once in the morning and then again before going to bed. You should also rinse with mouthwash to catch any other germs and bacteria you may have missed when brushing. Speaking of missing things when brushing, the toothbrush can only reach so far, which is why flossing your teeth is a must to not only protect your teeth, […]

27Oct, 2015

Choose the Pearland Dentist Who Cares

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Finding a Pearland dentist who truly cares about you is a rarity, which is why the dentists at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists are such a great find. At our dental office, we have dentists who are specialists in various dental areas, like orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and prosthodontics. Not only do each specialize in their respective dental fields, but they specialize in building relationships with each patient who comes through the door. Our patients come to us for our professionalism and dental expertise, as well as our ability to make […]

1Oct, 2015

Dietary Advice from Your Pearland Dental Hygienist

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Does your diet affect your teeth and oral health? It almost goes without saying that it does since everything you eat and drink and consume has to go through your mouth. The healthier your diet, the healthier your mouth can be. Of course, your diet directly affects your overall health, so obviously your oral health is affected. With today’s choices of food and beverages, obesity, diabetes and other systemic diseases have become prevalent. There seems to be fast-food restaurants on every corner and the sugar amounts in sodas are rather […]