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6Apr, 2016

Oral Surgeon Explains Dental Implant Surgery Process

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The dental implant surgery process can vary slightly. It really depends on the immediate need and if the need is immediate. At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, our oral surgeon and general dentist always prepares a plan for every patient who is receiving dental implants. Since dental implants are such a major part of ensuring patients have a healthy and fully functioning mouth, making certain that every dental implant is properly created, assigned and placed in the mouth is paramount for the health of the patient. According to […]

9Mar, 2016

One Day Dental Implants at Our Pearland Dental Office

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Did you know that approximately 30 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? There are way more than that who missing at least one tooth. With this in mind, dental implants and other oral surgery operations have become an incredibly common and necessary dental procedure. These numbers are quite alarming, but due to injuries, age, and/or the lack of good dental hygiene, it is understandable why a dental implant procedure is so common. Pearland Oral Surgery and One Day Dental Implants Dr. Laerrol Johnson, the oral surgeon at our […]

24Feb, 2016

Pearland Oral Surgeon Explains Anterior Dental Implants

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Receiving dental implants is a very important dental procedure performed at our Pearland dental office. Our Pearland oral surgeon explains why the anterior dental implants are extremely delicate from an aesthetic perspective. The anterior teeth are the most visible and must be done extremely well. These are the teeth that are shown when you smile, chew, or open your mouth for anything in particular. Having a great team, like the one at our Pearland dentist office, is pivotal. “These implants are typically pre-planned,” Dr. Larreol Johnson, oral surgeon at Shadow […]

10Feb, 2016

Dentures from Your Pearland Dentist That Will Benefit Your Life

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Dentures have become a life-saver for many people, and that fact is true for our Pearland dental patients. Many people have missing teeth. In fact, there are millions of people in the US without any teeth. One of the main sources of that issue stems from many people not going to the dentist. For this reason, many people have to have dentures, which are replacement teeth. At our Pearland dental office, we provide the best options for dentures because of the artistic abilities of our prosthodontists. Creating Dentures at Our […]

28Jan, 2016

What Is Needed for Easy Oral Surgery at Pearland Dentist Office

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Oral surgery is never an easy topic to discuss simply because of the buzz word “surgery.” Oral surgery, however, shouldn’t be too much of a cause for alarm because more often than not, the surgery consists of root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and dental implants. At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, located in Pearland, we specialize in every type of oral surgery procedure to ensure our patients receive the proper care for their teeth. We understand the importance of dental health and how it affects the entire body. We also […]

16Jun, 2015

Is Your Pearland Dentist Giving You A Firm Foundation?

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A beautiful smile is highly sought after, especially in the crazed beauty-driven society we live in. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to smile and capture the attention of those around them? As Pearland dentists, our passion and goal is to give you that beautiful smile, but there is something deeper that we must address. We believe in the total health of your mouth, starting with getting rooted in a firm foundation. What’s going on behind the scenes should be just as important as your smile, if not more important. […]