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10Nov, 2015

Pearland Dentist: “The Importance of Educating Our Dental Patients”

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It’s common knowledge that dental patients do not have the same amount of dental knowledge as dentists. They haven’t spent years in medical school, nor have they spent the same time in people’s mouth – cleaning, removing, placing braces, and keeping the oral health of individuals intact. This doesn’t mean that patients shouldn’t know their way around a healthy mouth. Educating patients on how to continue a healthy lifestyle – orally – is a huge part of our job and passion at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland. Informing […]

23Jul, 2015

Finding the Best Prosthodontics & General Dentistry In Pearland

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At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, Dr. Pamela Adeola is not only a general dentist, but its top Prosthodontist. Dr. Adeola explains what she does as a Prosthodontist, but also why it’s important not only for severe dental cases, but also normal cases as well. If you need to go to a dental practice where there is general dentistry and prosthodontics, there is only one place you should go – Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, TX. Call (281) 741-5247 to make your next appointment the one that makes […]

15Jul, 2015

What Is the Most Common Cause of Bad Breath?

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Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists takes pride in providing patients top of the line general dentistry. Our Dental Hygienist, Sharon Libich, explains what is the most common cause for patients who have bad breath. She also goes into detail on how you can avoid having bad breath by brushing and cleaning your teeth and mouth. If you are to follow these instructions from our Dental Hygienist you are sure to have clean and fresh breath. If you want to have a healthy, clean and odor free mouth, our Oral Hygienist at […]