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9Mar, 2016

One Day Dental Implants at Our Pearland Dental Office

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Did you know that approximately 30 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? There are way more than that who missing at least one tooth. With this in mind, dental implants and other oral surgery operations have become an incredibly common and necessary dental procedure. These numbers are quite alarming, but due to injuries, age, and/or the lack of good dental hygiene, it is understandable why a dental implant procedure is so common. Pearland Oral Surgery and One Day Dental Implants Dr. Laerrol Johnson, the oral surgeon at our […]

28Oct, 2014

Extracting your Wisdom Teeth Pearland Oral Surgery

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Stop the Pain by Extracting your Wisdom Teeth Pearland Oral Surgery With an Oral Surgeon in Pearland, we can stop the pain your wisdom teeth may be causing you. Many people have no problems at all, some people will use prescribed antibiotics to give them temporary relief from the of pain. However others end up with impacted wisdom teeth that’s when Oral Surgeon in Pearland can stop the pain by extracting the wisdom teeth or tooth which is causing the pain. Impact wisdom teeth mean they do not have enough room […]