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13Jan, 2016

Pearland Dentist Explains Why We Remove Wisdom Teeth

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If they are called wisdom teeth, then why do they need to be removed? It’s a logical question – “logical” being the operative word here. According to dental legend, these molars are called wisdom teeth because they arrive much later in a person’s life, therefore seeming to be much wiser than the other teeth. As the old adage says, “This only comes with age.” Well, typically this specifies something positive. Wisdom teeth? Not so great, especially since they most often have to be removed. Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Have to […]

28Dec, 2015

Pearland Dentist: “The Importance of Being a Dental Role Model”

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Many parents do not understand the effect their lack of attention to their own teeth has on the attention their kids pay to their teeth. It can become a trickle down effect for poor oral health if parents do not realize how they are a dental role model for their children’s dental health. There are various simple steps that take very little time out of the day to improve your oral health and the oral health of your children. Ensuring you and everyone in your house abides by certain dental […]

10Nov, 2015

Pearland Dentist: “The Importance of Educating Our Dental Patients”

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It’s common knowledge that dental patients do not have the same amount of dental knowledge as dentists. They haven’t spent years in medical school, nor have they spent the same time in people’s mouth – cleaning, removing, placing braces, and keeping the oral health of individuals intact. This doesn’t mean that patients shouldn’t know their way around a healthy mouth. Educating patients on how to continue a healthy lifestyle – orally – is a huge part of our job and passion at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland. Informing […]

27Oct, 2015

Choose the Pearland Dentist Who Cares

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Finding a Pearland dentist who truly cares about you is a rarity, which is why the dentists at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists are such a great find. At our dental office, we have dentists who are specialists in various dental areas, like orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and prosthodontics. Not only do each specialize in their respective dental fields, but they specialize in building relationships with each patient who comes through the door. Our patients come to us for our professionalism and dental expertise, as well as our ability to make […]