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28Dec, 2015

Pearland Dentist: “The Importance of Being a Dental Role Model”

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Many parents do not understand the effect their lack of attention to their own teeth has on the attention their kids pay to their teeth. It can become a trickle down effect for poor oral health if parents do not realize how they are a dental role model for their children’s dental health. There are various simple steps that take very little time out of the day to improve your oral health and the oral health of your children. Ensuring you and everyone in your house abides by certain dental […]

15Jul, 2015

What Is the Most Common Cause of Bad Breath?

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Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists takes pride in providing patients top of the line general dentistry. Our Dental Hygienist, Sharon Libich, explains what is the most common cause for patients who have bad breath. She also goes into detail on how you can avoid having bad breath by brushing and cleaning your teeth and mouth. If you are to follow these instructions from our Dental Hygienist you are sure to have clean and fresh breath. If you want to have a healthy, clean and odor free mouth, our Oral Hygienist at […]

31Dec, 2014

Pediatric Dentistry

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Does my child need to see a pediatric dentist? It is ultimately the parents decision on whether or not to use a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentist are specially trained to handle problems associated with baby teeth. The majority of children, however, usually see the family dentist. There are advantages to this in that the family dentist is they have developed a relationship with the family and are familiar with the family history of the patient. This may or may not be helpful in the treatment of the child if problems […]