Get Your Dental Crowns at Our Pearland Office

Dr. Celeste Mohr is one of the proud dental specialists at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists. When working with a patient, Dr. Mohr will take the time to work with them to help them overcome any and all discomfort that is ailing them.

One of her speciality procedures is the Dental Crown procedure. What makes this procedure so impressive is the fact that at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists they will take impressions of your teeth to make a new and more comfortable crown for the patient. Utilizing your dental insurance and our already reasonable prices, it will be an affordable crown. Receiving your dental crown is done in house and can be done on the same day.

All these reasons makes Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists the place to go for Dental Crowns. Call (281) 741-5247 to schedule your first Dental Crown appointment today.