Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland Dentist

Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland Dentist

Pearland Dentist Warns Juice Diets are more Acidic than Vinegar

If you’re a fitness diet junkie, chances are that juices will feature pretty high on your must-have list. However, reputed dentists reveal that high consumption of juices or smoothies on a regular basis will ensure that you pay visits to your nearest Pearland dentist too many times in a row. Really?

Pearland-Dentist-Warns-Juice-Diets - Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland Dentist

Juice can be bad for you.

Today, when energy drinks, protein shakes, health-burst smoothies and fad detox drinks are all too popular with generations, young and old on a mission to drive better health, they are quickly ditching sodas, fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages in favor of these so-called healthy drinks. But, did you know that pure fruit juice may be more harmful than a soda? Contrary to what we have always believed, drinking too many glasses of juice can be harmful to your health, more specifically, to your oral health. Top celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Banker, has spoken about how to prevent your smile from getting damaged when indulging in these cleansing fluids.

How can juices and detox fluids harm your teeth?

Drinking juices and detox fluids, while loaded with vitamins and minerals, can secretly wage war against your oral health. Here’s how juices affect your teeth.

Fruit acids are bad for your teeth

Sipping on acidic drinks all day long can erode the enamel coating of your teeth exposing them to damages like plaques and cavities. Considering that our mouth naturally has a nonacidic environment, our saliva is mildly alkaline with a pH of 7.4. Over-intake of acidic fluids (since most fruits are acidic) can disrupt our natural oral environment to the point where saliva fails to restore the optimum pH level.

Excessive Juice Diets will Make you Run to your Nearest Pearland DentistHigh sugar-content of fruit juices can trigger oral diseases

Fruits contain high amounts of sugar that can be extremely harmful for your teeth and your overall oral health. When the bacteria residing in our oral cavity comes in contact with sugar, they ingest it and convert it into an acid which eats away the teeth and gives rise to problems like dental plaque and cavities.  The bacteria thriving on sugars can also cause inflammation of the gums, leading to gum diseases which can weaken teeth and eventually cause them to fall out.

So, how to prevent the damage?

This doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from drinking your favorite fruit juices for the rest of your life. But, in order to prevent damaging your teeth, you must take measures to ensure that the fruit acids and sugars do not get a chance to stay in your mouth for a longer duration. Using a straw while drinking juice is a great way to minimize the contact with teeth, thus reducing the chances of getting them affected.  Also rinsing your mouth immediately after drinking juices will prevent your teeth from being coated with fruit acids and sugars. Dentists also suggest that brushing teeth twice daily with a fluoride-based toothpaste and getting a fluoride treatment once in a year can help you stave off tooth decays, cavities, infections and a whole bunch of oral diseases. So, are you compromising your oral health by sipping too many glasses of fruit juice?