Oral Surgeon Explains Dental Implant Surgery Process

The dental implant surgery process can vary slightly. It really depends on the immediate need and if the need is immediate.

At Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists in Pearland, our oral surgeon and general dentist always prepares a plan for every patient who is receiving dental implants. Since dental implants are such a major part of ensuring patients have a healthy and fully functioning mouth, making certain that every dental implant is properly created, assigned and placed in the mouth is paramount for the health of the patient.

According to Dr. Laerrol Johnson, the oral surgeon for our Pearland dental clinic, says the processes behind receiving dental implants are based on receiving one of two surgeries: an immediate dental implant or a bone graft.

Which Dental Implant Surgery Process Do You Need?

An immediate dental implant is simply that. The original tooth is extracted and immediately replaced with a dental implant.

”If we do an immediate implant, those tend to be a little more technique sensitive,” Dr. Johnson says. “You want to be very cautious about doing the immediate implants.”

When receiving a bone graft, the original tooth is removed (unless the tooth was missing) and the bone is checked to see if there is enough of it to receive an implant. If the bone is not ready for an implant – for whatever reason – then a bone graft is conducted. A dental implant is placed only once the bone graft has completely healed.

Healing Process Between Both Dental Implant Processes

“The upkeep for an immediate implant is no different than for an implant that is placed after the bone has healed in well,” says Dr. Johnson.

Regardless of the type of dental procedure, Dr. Johnson recommends that patients chew their food on the opposite side of the tooth implant and to also consider eating a softer diet for at least the first week.

Those who must receive a bone graft are in luck for one particular reason. Bone doesn’t feel pain. What is very interesting about bone and dental implants is that bone accepts dental implants as part of its own body because implants are made out of titanium, which is a material that does not cause negative reactions within the body.

Whatever pain or discomfort there is from the oral surgery procedure can be alleviated with prescribed pain medications, which are provided or prescribed by our Pearland dental staff.

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