Not all of us were born with the genetics for a perfect smile. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with crooked teeth or gaps. Dr. Stephanie Wilson, the Pearland orthodontics specialist at our dental office, can help to guide you on your journey to a straight smile. It’s not always easy to go through life with crowded teeth or an abnormal bite.

We understand the effect that this can have on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Beyond that, we know how much the impact your bite can have on your health. Many people only consider the cosmetic side of these treatments, but straight teeth are crucial to your oral health.

Gaps in your teeth leave your gums open and susceptible to bacteria, which puts you at risk for a number of different conditions. The right orthodontic treatment can set your teeth straight and help you reach peak health.

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Your Pearland Orthodontics Treatment Options

We all have different wants and needs. The same goes for our teeth. That’s why our Pearland orthodontics specialist offers a wide variety of options for treatment.

Cosmetic Braces: When people think of braces, they find images of bulky brackets and headgear coming to mind. Our specialists are proud to offer Radiance Brackets to patients who would like a more discreet treatment. These clear brackets are invisible, comfortable, stain-free, and effective.

Mini Braces: MiniMaster is a series of braces that offer comfort by making the brackets smaller, less noticeable, and vastly more comfortable. On the other hand, if you want to show them off, the brackets come in a wide range of colors. Either way, it’s a fast, efficient treatment.

Clear Braces: One of the best treatments available is the clear aligner trays that ClearCorrect uses. This clear braces system makes life much easier on you by providing a series of clear trays that adjust your teeth and allowing you to remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth.

Traditional Braces: Dentists have been using traditional braces for so long for one reason: They work. The traditional metal brackets and wire might be a bit outdated, but the method is tried and true. We offer modern versions of traditional braces with ceramic brackets that make the process more discreet than it used to be and easier overall.

Transitional Orthodontics: This style of treatment focuses on shortening the period of treatment by starting the process early. It’s based on the idea that treatment is more effective for children when they have only a few baby teeth left as the permanent teeth are about to come in. It can also have amazing long-term effects on the growth and positioning of the teeth.

Finding the right method can seem a bit overwhelming, but Dr. Wilson and her team will help you choose what’s right for you.

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Oral care is a vital part of your overall health. Our orthodontics specialists can help you reach peak condition, but it’s up to you to get started. Start on your path to oral health. Call or contact us to schedule a free consultation with our doctors.

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