Pearland General Dentistry

Pearland General Dentistry; Procedures Carried Out By a General Dentist Pearland general dentistry; your path to great oral health

Pearland General Dentistry; Procedures Carried Out By a General Dentist

Did you know that about 51% of people aged over 20 have gingivitis? And worse still, they aren’t aware of it. In reality, each person has some form of gingivitis and has no clue of the effect it can have in their life. Many people are used to gingivitis and consider it not a serious problem. However, gingivitis is a major cause for gum disease. Research associated gum disease with other different conditions, such as diabetes and strokes. The main reason is that bacteria get into your bloodstream, move around your body and latch onto different cells. Your family dentist will give you dental evaluations that will align you on the path to complete dental health! Brushing and regularly flossing is wonderful, but it doesn’t always suffice. Regular visits to your family dentist help us monitor your oral health closely, note any issues early, and provide the necessary guidance.

General dentistry involves various procedures. It includes initial consultation and diagnosis by way of x-rays, CAT scans and wax molds for replacing teeth. The dentist uses various methods such as tests, x-rays, and others to resolve the major problem with your teeth before treatment.

Pearland General Dentistry; Procedures Carried Out By a General Dentist Pearland general dentistry; your path to great oral health

When it comes to treatments, your general dentist at Pearland General Dentistry will provide some or all of the following:

  • Fillings: teeth can be filled with various materials that range from mercury, gold, amalgam, porcelain and composite resin.
  • Crowns: these are man-made teeth or ‘caps’ which can be placed over fractured or damaged teeth. These will preserve their structure and guard them against further damage.
  • Bridge: this is a structure having an unnatural tooth or ‘pontic’ which is held to a couple of crowns. These crowns befit over the original teeth on either side of the gap which assists in putting the artificial tooth in place and so maintain a natural appearance and look.
  • Root canal treatment: this operation is done when the tissue or ‘pulp’ within a tooth has an infection. This procedure can be carried out by a general or specialist dentist.
  • Dentures: these essentially consist of a set of artificial teeth. If you have lost a few teeth through an accident or an infection then, dentures may provide a solution. Dentures are artificial teeth which can be removed, but which look and behave in a way much similar to the natural teeth
  • Dental cleaning: this can be carried out in the form of a ‘scale & polish’ or directions on brushing and flossing.
  • Bonding: this is the name provided for an operation in which some kind of resin is used as a ‘glue’ to hold up the material, such as a veneer to the tooth. Often used as a solution to discolored or damaged teeth.
  • Oral (mouth) and maxillofacial treatments: this is a complex term used to refer to procedures for the mouth, face, and jaw. It involves but is not limited to treatment for temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) and dental implants.Pearland General Dentistry

These are mostly the basic services provided for by a general dentist. However, you may also discover that your general dentist can perform a range of cosmetic dental processes such as cosmetic bonding, lumineers, veneers, and teeth whitening. Pearland General Dentistry should, therefore, put you on a path towards complete dental health.